“Architecture is the language of substantial immobility”, Juan Borchers


Inter08_05 copy2After previous experiences in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, this is the third year of a cycle in which inter 8 students have explored the urban, architectural and political consequences of working with a large urban block in a South-American metropolis. In particular, this year Santiago has offered an incredible opportunity to investigate with precision how the political and the urban are intertwined today, as Santiago was the first Latin-American capital city to suffer the urban policy-making derived from the neoliberal agenda of Milton Friedman’s Chicago Boys.

Supported by seminars, readings, trips and debates, the unit conversation has revolved around how neoliberalist policy making in Chile has altered not only the way in which the city of Santiago is shaped today, but also the most basic spaces in which its life unfolds. In Santiago, everything that was ever part of the well-fare state —housing, education, health, transportation, culture, sports—has gone through a radical process of privatization that covers from planning to intimate life. It was through confronting, bypassing or co-opting these processes that students have investigated through their design alternatives to this current state of affairs, taking seriously what would be their consequences from the urban scale to the material experience.

All projects have developed in Santiago’s centre within the 100×100 city colonial grid. This is also a prototypical area as it entered decay since the Pinochet era because of the neoliberal push to the periphery. Students’ different proposals of reconsidering one of the blocks within this grid are not only individual sparks within the darkest night of social equality, but when looked as a whole they try to portray a coherent proposal for rethinking the city.

Models by Raya Shaban, Mikolaj Karczewski , Hana Shokr, Elias Tamer, Antonin Hauterfort. Yasmina Abou Jaoude and Patricia de Osma Intermediate Unit 8 (2014-15)

Tutorials W7 3T

Tutorials during this week will be as folllows:
Wednesday 10th of June
11.00 Shira
11.30 Amar
12.00 Yassmina
12.30 Patricia

Saturday 13rd of June -Review of presentations in 32 FFF
11.30 Amar
12.00 Shira
12.30 Patricia
1.00 Yassmina

3rd year Reviews

Third year reviews for Intermediate Unit 8 will be on Tuesday 16th of June morning as follows:

10.00 Amar Mehta
10.30 Yassmina Abou Jaoude
11.00 Patricia De Osma Arena
11:30 Shira Rotem

Tutorials W5 3T

Tutorials at the beginning of this week will be as follows,
Tuesday 26th of May – 3rd years
5.00 Yassmina
5.30 Patricia
6.00 Amar

Wednesday 27th of May – 2nd years
2.00 Olimpia – bring portfolio pages + new work
2.30 Jeanne – bring portfolio pages + new work
3.00 Elias – bring portfolio pages + new work
3.30 Mikolaj
4.00 Raya
4.30 Antonin
5.00 Hana
5.30 Sophia

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End of the Term Jury

Inter-8 End of the Term Jury will be the 20th of May Lecture Hall from 10am to 7pm. Our guest critics will be Edgar Gonzalez (Brisac-Gonzalez Architecture), Maria Giudici (AA Diploma & First Year), Miraj Ahmed (AA Diploma), Ryan Neiheiser (AA First Year), Max Kahlen (Dyvik Kahlen Architects), Barbara Campbell-Lange, Brendon Carlin (AA Intermediate), Denis Lacej (Grimshaw Architects), Loreto Flores (Zaha Hadid) and Ciriaco  Castro (AB Rogers).

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Images by David Koo

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Architectural Association School Life 2014-2015

Architectural Association School Life 2014-2015

Tutorials W4 T3

Tutorials before the End of Year Jury will be send by email. Please sign up if you need to review your work.
Final schedule

11.30  Elias
12.00  Raya
12.30   Sophia
1.00     Mikolaj
1.30     Antonin

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