External Examiners

Congratulations to all third years for their RIBA Part 1 and specially to Patricia de Osma for her High Pass. Great results for such a great year.

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Tutorials W5 3T _ 2

Tutorials at the end of the week will be as follows,

Friday 29th of May
4.00 Raya – bring the whole portfolio
4.30 Elias – bring the whole portfolio
5.00 Olimpia
5.30 Jeanne
6.00 Hana
6.30 Antonin

Saturday 30th of May
11.00 Sophia
11.30 Mikolaj
12.00 Yassmina
12.30 Shira
1.00 Patricia
1.30 Amar

Image by Patricia de Osma
Inter08_09 copy
Image by Shira Rotem