Congratulations to our second years!

portfolio 6th june_Page_05We would like to congratulate all our second year for passing to next year and the good work they presneted. We wish you the best in your future. F&N

Tutorials W4 T3

Tutorials on Friday 22th of May will be as follows,
10.30 Jeanne
11.00 Sofia
11.30 Hana
12.00 Olimpia
12.30 Elias

2.00 Raya
2.30 Antonin
3.00 Mikolaj
3.30 Yasmina
4.00 Shira
4.30 Amar
5.00 Patricia


Plans by Elias Tamer

Pin-up Week 6

Next Tuesday 11th of November we will have a pin-up in the unit space from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 2 to 6pm where all Form brief drawings and models will be reviewed.

At 12.30 we will have a meeting with third years and TS tutors in the unit space.

Please pin-up your work on the walls of the unit and prepare some words on the key spatial organizational elements you are using in your proposal.