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Images by Antonin Hautefort

2nd year reviews

Second Year Reviews will be the 8th and 9th of June in the Lecture Hall

Monday 8th of June – Lecture Hall
Panel 4
10.00 Hana Shokr
10.30 Elias Tamer
11.00 Olimpia Presutti
11.30 Mikolaj Karczewski
13.00 Lunch

Tuesday 9th of June – Rear Second Presentation Room
Panel 3
14.00 Jeanne Clerc
14.30 Raya Shaban
15.00 Sophia Alami Goureftei
15.30 Antonin Hautefort

Please be on time and bring all the models and portfolios.


IMG_1635 IMG_1637 IMG_1640 IMG_1654

Tutorials W8 2T – 2

Tutorials at the end of the week will be on Saturday 7th of March as follows,
11.00 Jeanne
11.30 Hana
12.00 Raya
12.30 Sophia

2.30 Yasmina
3.00 Elias
3.30 Mikolaj
4.00 Amar


Drawings by Anotinin Hautefort from Grasshopper linear deformations

Tutorials W8 2T

Tutorials next week will be as follows
Monday 2nd of March
3.00 Patricia
3.30 Yasmina
4.00 Amar
4.30 Shira

Tuesday 3rd of March
10.30 Hana
11.00 Jeanne
11.30 Sophia
12.00 Mikolaj

2.00 Antonin
2.30 Elias
3.00 Raya
3.30 Olimpia

Please bring your plans, sections, grasshopper work, circulation diagrams and last week programme catalog pages.

section imaginary transformation of the block 1-2-3_Page_1 MAPS OVERLAYED

Mid-Term Jury

Inter Unit 8 Mid Term Jury will be on Monday 23rd of February Mid-Term Jury in 32 Bedford Square Second Floor Back. Our guest critics will be Adam Kaasa (Royal College of Arts and LSE), Barbara Campbell-Lange (AA Undergraduate Coordinator), Ryan Dillon (AA HTS, Inter Unit 5), Kasper Ax (AA Diploma), Israel Nagore.





IMG_1458 IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_1465 IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1470 Photographs by Antonin Hauterfort

Tutorials W2 -1

Tutorials on Tuesday 14th of October will be in the unit space as follows,

10.30 Yasmina
11.00 Shira
11.30 Patricia
12.00 Amar
12.30 Shopia

2.00 Olimpia
2.30 Raya
3.00 Mikolaj
3.30 Jeanne
4.00 Hana
4.30 Elias
5.00 Antonin

Please work the whole day in the unit space as some questions regarding this exercise will pop-up during the different tutorials
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