Porosity & Transparency

Each student will provide an efficient system of openings for the skins that is consistent with the political argument being reflected. Previously schematic sections through the block envelopes should be further explored by determining their porosity and relationships they establish between the exterior and the interior of the block.

The different levels of transparency and reflection of a building envelope are also a fundamental property that define the politics behind a building design. They define the levels of building engage with public space. Each block proposal should consider these qualities and explored through collages in elevation drawings of building envelope and interior surfaces.

All these qualities should be also tested through schematic models that will continue previous material experimentations done in the first term.

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C. Rowe and R. Slutzky: Transparency, Birkhauser, 1997, pp.21-56.
Richard Sennett: Fall of the Public Man, London: Faber, 1986, Introduction.




Facade images


3 collages