Tutorials W6 2T

Next tutorials on Tuesday 17th of February we will review your programmatic case study pages, where your program units should be identified and analyzed, and your initial block transformations. Your summaries of last term proposal rules should be also on the table to start the conversation.

This tutorial will be the last opportunity to review the delayed work on site and context: axo on site, Santiago building case study, site models and perspective collages. Finally, those who have to finish the review points from last term should bring your work to check it before the Jury next week.

Please bring your laptops as well as your drawings. The tutorials will be as follows:

10.30 Jeanne
11.00 Raya
11.30 Hana
12.00 Olimpia

2.00 Shira
2.30 Amar
3.00 Yasmina
3.30 Patricia

4.00 Sophia
4.30 Mikolaj
5.00 Elias
5.30 Antonin