Programmatic Decompositions & Transformations

First briefs for block proposals established by socio-cultural investigations of Santiago city in the previous term will be further defined. Responding to the conflict generated by private investments and social entrepreneurships in Chilean context the blocks will include two different programmatic parts.

As a first step new programmatic case studies will be analyzed to find an elemental unit. After these analysis, cross-, trans-, de-, un- programming strategies will be deeply explored by students with different iterative transformations and “untangled” drawings.  

Kim Dovey and Scott Dickson, “Architecture and Freedom? Programmatic Innovation in the Work of Koolhaas/OMA”, Journal of Architectural Education, ACSA (2000), pp. 5-13.
Amanda Reeser Lawrence (ed.): RE: Programming, Praxis 8, New York: Praxis Inc., 2007

Inter8_04  Hao Wen Lim   30