Tutorials W9-2

The last tutorials before the End of the Term Jury will be divided in two sessions.

The first session will be an overview of all unit work before the presentation on Monday. These tutorials will be on Thursday 4th of December from 2 to 6.30pm in the unit space as follows

2.00 Sophia
2.30 Olimpia
3.00 Jeanne
3.30 Raya
4.00 Mikolaj
4.20 Yasmina
4.40 Patricia
5.00 Elias
5.20 Amar
5.40 Hana
6.00 Antonin
6.20 Shira

The second session will have a special contribution from Gabriela Garcia de Cortazar (AA PhD), a Chilean architect who will help you with your issues. We will meet all of you at unit space on Friday 5th of December from 2 to 6pm, with 20 min per person/tutorial aproximately. SAME ORDER