Urban Fabric

Before deepening into material aspects of the block the unit should be familiarize with the different formal aspects of Santiago. In four groups of three, the unit will create an archive of drawings in different scales(S, M, L, XL) with information about the urban grain, voids, density and urban form. Later, Individually each student will select a block in Santiago urban grid where the proposal will be located.

Compulsory Reading:

Arturo Almandoz Marte: Planning Latin America’s capital cities 1850-1950, London: Routledge, 2002, pp. 1-4 (Introduction) and pp.109-138 (Santiago de Chile).Planning Latin Americas Capital Cities

Tahl Kraminer, Miguel Robles Duran and Heidi Sohn: Urban Asymetries. Studies and Projects on Neoliberal Urbanization, Rotterdam: 010 Publisher, 2011, pp.146-169. Urban Asymetries

La particion de las manzanas