Tutorials W7-1

The final submission of the Form brief will be on Tuesday 18th of November. This submission requires a pdf with all iteratios, hybrids and transformation of your Shape phase block in a pdf, a final version sumarizing your experimentation drawn and two models of it ( a detail of the spatial organization in 1/100 or 1/200 and an overall model of the block in 1/500 scale). We will shrotly review your pdf and models. Please prepare your key questions that define your form of the block and a brief explanation of them.

The review will be as follows:
10.30 Hana
10.50 Shira
11.10 Antonin
12.30 Amar
12.50 Patricia
1.10 Elias

2.00 Mikolaj
2.20 Raya
2.40 Yasmina
3.00 Olimpia
3.20 Jeanne
3.40 Sophia

4.00 New brief presnetation and definition of groups of work. All unit together in unit space.