As a starting point the unit will explore through 1:250 scale models the shape of a120x120m block. This will be first developed in a purely intuitive manner. Different materials, such as paper, cardboard, cloth, foam, cables, wood and metal sticks, will be initially use to have a range of schematic shapes that will be later used to define formal ideas. Students are invited to feel comfortable with these materials, and learn rules and modeling criteria out of their manipulation.

After this initial stage we will experiment with other stiffer materials such as wood, metal, stone and plaster, discovering other intuitive possibilities for block schematic designs. Along this exploratory process students will be exposed to intellectual, artistic and literary references generating a specific unit inspirational atmosphere.

3_5-a-02f-hombre-estudio-1962-cm-87-lf 3_23-st-30x18x15-1964-sin-firma-ni-fecha-lf images (8) CIMG6750

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